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February 2021.  Pre-recorded Telivisual Performance. 

I'm in awe of us all ... to be resilient and you know to even be present right now... so... my hope is that we take the knowing (I'm speaking to myself right now) of that resistance and move forwards with that, even if we don't know what's going to happen but just knowing that we've clearly got it cos we're here right now.

A Primal Scream was created in response to 2020's events, and it was commissioned by charities Collage Arts and KORI to provide a stimulus for conversation for women in Brazil, Gambia and the UK.  It is a televisual performance held by a soundscape that captures the social-political overwhelm of 2020 whilst glimpsing the internal landslides within us. 

A Primal Scream uses metaphor to embrace the harsh realities many of us have faced over the last year.  Through this embrace, there is a recognition of our individual and collective strength to overcome and keep moving forwards.

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