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April 2021. Ilford Exchange Shopping Centre.

Created in collaboration with Lena Hetzel and Freeduh Dideh.

Stills from footage by Lena Hetzel.


Welcome. The instruction is simple, walk up the stairs until you arrive at level four, don’t stop even if you feel you must... there is no time to stop. When you get to level four, skip to track two.

The Multi-Story Time Park is an audio-based site-specific journey that takes the audience through autobiographical perspectives and experiences that occurred through the many lockdowns that we have all lived through. It is concerned with investigating the impact of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic on personal and public lives.


Since the pandemic, authorities reinforced by the media have enforced regulations that have changed the rhythm of society. These changes created a new "choreography of everyday life". In the public, private and virtual realms, new codes of behaviour have emerged since the pandemic, choreographed by the rules of the pandemic.


The Multi-Story Car Park seeks to recreate this constrained choreography by controlling how the audience experiences the 'performers' personal stories. The structure mirrored our experience of the pandemic; the audience hears the initial instructions as a group, they are then directed to separate themselves from the group and the broader society through personal audio devices. 

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