I was lucky enough to join an awesome online performance course called Sunday Skool over the summer of 2021.

One Sunday, after being directed to go on a mindful walk, a peer shared their reflection. They read out several statements, realisations one of which was "I am afraid of people". This statement hung on to some part of me.

Over time, I glimpsed at it and realised that it hung to me because it is also a truth. Something in my mind rejects the word afraid, but I am [...] of people, and long to feel close, this want for closeness and connection is what drives my work.

I am a multidisciplinary artist and a recent graduate of the MA Performance Making programme at Goldsmiths UCL.  I have quite the preoccupation with visual art, installation, soundscaping and movement; but ultimately central to these modes of expression are personal narratives that enable me to connect to myself, all that is and anyone that happens to be watching with authenticity, gentleness and venerability.

I have a long-standing love for grassroots community work; outside of my creative practice, I am a creative facilitator and charity advisor.  In my most recent work FaceForward July 2021,  I focused on building a practice that merged my facilitation and performance modes to create a sense of community, it was a revolutionary experience for me and my practice and I CAN NOT WAIT TO CREATE MORE!